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Tax Depreciation Reports

29 May 2012
Are you or your accountant claiming the full extent of your depreciation entitlements? Would you like to greatly increase the tax effectiveness of your investment properties.
With the end of financial year approaching fast, now is the ideal time to maximise the cash flow of your investment property by getting a
Professional Tax Depreciation Report.
What is Tax Depreciation?
Tax depreciation (also known as property depreciation) is a legitimate deduction against assessable taxable income, generated by a residential or commercial investment property.
It works by allowing property investors to deduct a portion of the
original costs of plant & equipment and capital works on their investment
property each financial year, over the effective life of that item.
The Australian Taxation Office recognises that the value of capital assets
gradually reduces over time as they approach the end of their effective life. These assets can be written off as a tax deduction - known as
How much does it cost?
BMT: Order by June 30 to receive a reduced fee of $687 inc gst, which is
usually $715 & a FREE 6 month magazine subscription.

DEPPRO: will advise you of the cost of your report based on the location of your property. Fees start at under $600.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Both of these companies guarantee that you will save at least double the cost of the report in deductions in the first full financial year claim or your report is FREE!
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