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Millennial survey shows youth feeling aggrieved, frustrated by the way country is being run

08 February 2017
So much for youthful optimism.
A lack of full-time job prospects and an increasingly tense world has left a generation of Australia's young people feeling bleak about their future.
The new Deloitte 2017 Millennial Survey shows the youth of Australia are feeling aggrieved and frustrated by the way the country is being run.
Just 8 per cent of those captured by the millennial tag believe that they will be financially better off than their parents.
Millennials is a slightly imprecise term, the cohort also goes by Generation Y or Generation Me, but effectively they are those that came after Generation X, born after 1982 but are currently older than 18.
This is a shockingly low result for a country.
Less than 1 in 10 young Australians think they will be more financially secure than their parents. That is compared to the 36 per cent average in the developed world — which includes a fractured Europe and highly politicised US — and the 71 per cent average in the developing world.
But before the outcries from commentators that the young are whingers and do not know how good they have got it, let's look at why they are feeling pessimistic.

Why the pessimism?

While their parents enjoyed a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity, the future is looking increasingly fraught.
Fear of terrorism and crime are now the top concerns for young people in Australia.
The Deloitte survey was taken in September 2016 — relatively soon after deadly terrorism attacks in Nice, Florida and Belgium, as well as dozens of attacks across the Islamic world.
It makes sense that they are among the top concerns for young people today and is something that is being grappled with around the world.

What other things are young people worried about?

Next were concerns about the environment and climate change with income inequality and the distribution of wealth close behind.
Twenty-five per cent of the millennials surveyed named income and wealth as top concerns.
Millennials are facing a future of increasingly insecure work. Jobs are increasingly hard to come by and those jobs that are available are increasingly part-time or casual.
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