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Selling Tips

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision and often involves both financial and emotional thoughts and feelings. These issues can often be eliminated, to some degree, by enlisting the help of an agent. The following tips should arm you with the knowledge and confidence to find the right agent and get the best possible price for your home.

Choosing an agent

Your choice in agent can make a big difference in getting the right price for your home and making the experience a pleasant one for all involved.

  • Make sure you select a local, qualified agent who has a good knowledge of the area and, in most cases, a list of qualified buyers already looking in your area.
  • Your agent should not only be an expert on real estate matters but also have a good rapport with people and who you can relate to and feel comfortable dealing with.
  • Make sure they understand your direction and expectations. This will ensure a smooth sale.

Getting the price right

One of the biggest traps to fall into when selling your home is choosing your agent based on the price they are quoting for your home. This can lead to a disappointing result.

  • There is a lot of emotion involved when buying and selling a home and opinions on price will vary. Do your own research to gain an understanding of where your property sits.
  • A qualified agent will use various methods to appraise your property to ensure they are quoting you a realistic price. These include properties they have sold recently, properties currently on the market and growth statistics for your suburb.

A personalized marketing plan

In a world saturated with technology the methods people use to research and purchase property in today’s market are evolving to include a variety of resources. Having a personalised marketing campaign will ensure your property gets the attention it needs to achieve a great result.

  • Professional agents like Northside Residential offer personalized, multi-focal campaigns to attract the buyer’s interest in all areas and media.
  • An effective marketing campaign utilises a range of proven marketing tools including Internet advertising, professional photography, signs, local press advertising, letter box drops, window displays and email advertisements to ensure maximum exposure.

Preparing your home

Spending a little time preparing your home for sale can make a big difference in the final sale price. Here are a few simple tips on preparing your home for sale.

  • Does your home have Street Appeal ? – A good first impression can mean the difference between a potential buyer stopping or driving by.
  • One of the biggest offenders is clutter. Not only can it make your place look untidy but it also makes the rooms look smaller.
  • Clean homes are more appealing. Make sure you give you home a once over before home opens to give it sparkle.
  • Make sure the key points of your home look their best. The kitchen and bathroom should be free of clutter and looking their best.
  • Let in the natural light. Open up the curtains to let in the light and use lighting to complement the rooms. Make sure there are no light globes not working.
  • Pets are a big part of your family but might not be everyone’s cup of tea – take your pets with your when you leave prior to the home open, where possible.

Questions to ask prospective agents

  • Do they have experience and results in the area ?
  • Do they have a good understanding of the current market?
  • Do they have qualified buyers in your area ?
  • How long do they think it will take to sell, and what do they think is the main attraction of your home? Is their printed material professionally prepared?
  • Is the salesperson well presented?
  • What are they going to do to get the best possible price for your home?
  • Would you buy a home from them ?